Founded in 2006, THG Films focuses on production and promotion of commercials, brand videos, short films and etc. The production company is based in Beijing, and has offices in Shanghai and Vancouver.

Not only advertising but also marketing do we specialise in. In the past 16 years, THG Films has been helping clients successfully promote their brands with eye-opening creativity and first-class production quality, well known for the profits its commercials generate. In 2019, THG Films was ranked No.4 by publication platform Adquan, out of 10 production agencies in China.


THG Films has established collaborating relationships with over a thousand directors from Mainland China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, North America, Europe, and the rest of Asia, and has worked closely with more than 80 excellent directors and crews from all over the world including Peter Darrell, Ryohei Shingu, and Kim Soo. We haven’t stopped recruiting young talents who are knowledgeable about media in the new generation, keeping enriching our talent pool.


THG Films has been perfecting its global production network, and ensuring its resources are at world leading level by working and communicating frequently with best teams around the globe.


THG Films has robust post-production team in its homeland: Bottles, The Post, Craft, Teapot, Red Beard, CG Fish; and numerous partners overseas: Fin in Australia; Luma Picture and Digital Domain in North America; Pixelmondo, Digital District, and Delapost in Europe; Sony PLC, Vision, and Post BK in Asia.


THG Films has partnered with international advertising agencies such as Ogilvy, Dentsu, and Saatchi & Saatchi Great Wall. We have provided service for over a hundred of brands nationally and internationally, covering industry leading brands in automobile, e-commerce, retail and etc.


THG Films keeps generating values for our clients while having earned numerous credit and awards including The Greatwall Awards, China Content Marketing Awards, International Advertising Awards, and China International Philanthropic Movie Festival.